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The Best Local Citations

Register your company on the most significant websites. You needn’t do the task because we have did it! We’ve compiled a list of websites that have the strongest effects on local search results and exposure for businesses in the UK based on years of experience establishing citations and performing industry research.

Types Of Top Local Citations

Common generic reference sources include national business directories like,,,,,,, etc.

While general directories will provide you a good foundation for your citation building efforts, it’s crucial that you submit your company to industry- or niche-specific directories that can provide you with citations of more worth. There are other directories devoted to certain industries, such as Home Improvement, Health, and Legal, among others.

There are blogs and directories for certain regions, from the general (Northwest, Southern) to the granular (local).

The smaller ones allow for contact with your immediate neighbours and neighbourhood, whilst the larger ones have a wider audience.

An unstructured citation is when your company name, address, or phone number is mentioned in a blog post, in a newspaper, on a website that lists events or jobs, on a website run by the government, or basically on any website that is not a directory. Unstructured citations are what they are known as, and they may be very beneficial to your local rankings.

How We Create Local Citations for Google

One Package Citations in all

Characteristics of Building Local Citations

Apply local IP

Execute all manual work

Maintain Consistent NAP

Not Listed Twice

Audit citations

Maintain Consistent NAP

Top UK Business Listing Websites

Site Name Domain Authority Site Name Domain Authority 100 97 94 65 89 92 76 75 76 73 69 69 67 65 65 62 61 60 57 55 53 50

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F. A. Q.

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We can accomplish both of these, yes. New entries are simple to understand. The process for claiming or modifying already-existing listings varies depending on the directory in question. While some directories accept email verification, others only accept phone verification when claiming entries. If we are unable to claim a listing, we will use one of the other available methods to submit a “update” to the listing.

Before submitting to a directory, we always check to see whether you already have a listing there. We will submit you to a different (‘Replacement’) directory if we locate a listing and the fundamental data is accurate. As a result, you consistently receive the same amount of submissions as what you paid for.

All submissions are made by hand. Our Citations team, which consists of around 20 employees, manages all campaigns. We have a well-honed submission strategy and in-depth familiarity with the directories and citation sites we employ. The essential actions we perform for each campaign are as follows: Create a special campaign email account for verifications. Check to see if your company is already listed on a directory. Submit your company’s information to the directory. Click the link in the verification email to finish submission. Obtain the profile URL and record details in the report if a listing is immediately created. Report on the campaign should be uploaded to the Local Citation Builders admin panel. Customers should be informed of the email account(s) and passwords utilised.

We must confirm that the specified listing isn’t already present before submitting anything. In the event that it is present, we look for discrepancies between the data you submitted to us and the data presented on the directory. If everything works out as it should, we relocate the submissions to another high PR directory. Additionally, we keep our word and constantly send new entries to our clients.

The majority of local directories require users to enter the following details about their company:

  • The company’s website address
  • Any terms connected to the company
  • A few words elaborating on the type of business
  • Names of the company and its proprietor
  • Business address
  • Contact numbers
  • Email address
  • The year that the company was established
  • How many people are employed by the company
  • The operating times
  • A video link describing the company (or a promotional video)
  • any connections to social media platforms including Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • The business logo
  • Any images connected to your company or brand

When submitting your order, please make sure to provide us with all the pertinent information. You can also provide us a list of local directories where you want your company to be listed.

It is beyond our control to say whether or not these listings will become online. Despite this, the vast majority of the items we submit do go online, especially on the auto-approving directories, as is known from our past experiences. Although we can’t promise it, we can promise that we’ll do our best to keep your contributed list alive.

A few high-end directories, such,, and, will phone in to verify that all the information provided is true, even if the majority of local directories do not require doing so.

The following list of criteria serves as the basis for the selection of local directories:

  • Is the DA, NS, and GEO Targeted of the local directory high?
  • Is there a lot of traffic that could be routed to our client’s website when it goes live from this directory?
  • What is the expected time for the links to go live?
  • Its domain authority is how good? How prominently will it show up in searches?
  • How do you choose from the voluminous list of directories you might have discovered?

Depending on their level of knowledge and skill, our employees can choose the directories that are most appropriate for your company. Additionally, they have the option of choosing directories where the inhabitants in a given location are friendly. This will draw clients from the neighbourhood where your business is located. When circumstances are uncertain, our experts will go above and above by investigating the websites of your candidates to determine the directories where they have posted and to put your listing there. This gives your company a competitive edge over rivals while ensuring that it appears exclusively in the most well-liked and pertinent local directories.

We will routinely email you to let you know how your order is progressing. We will provide you a verifiable report at the conclusion of the workday so you may examine the links.

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